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Italy Road Trip, 11/24-12/1: Back to Rome

(Friday 3 December 2010) by Joanne Chang
***Back to Rome: 12/1***
My drive back to Rome is a success -- car returned safely, no damage, no casualties. Yay! I can breathe a little deeper now, especially after driving through Rome to Termini Station -- a little intense. I'm proud to say I had a successful road trip; it was everything I wanted and more. Now I know I can do this, and I can't wait to do it again.

My last night in Rome, I have tea with Francesco, then meet Alaa at Cul de Sac for dinner. It's the perfect send-off. I leave tomorrow!!! I can't believe I'm going home. Well, home being to my family in Cancun (it's a surprise, they're not expecting me in Chicago until Dec 15!). I am looking forward to chilling out on the beach and being waited on by an all-inclusive resort staff, but it's kind of crazy that this part of the trip is ending.

Roma Fiumicino Airport
Roma Fiumicino Airport
WOW. This has been quite a trip. More than I think I have realized until now, and I'll realize it even more one I get home. I have been in foreign countries for 10 weeks. Moving from place to place, not understanding 80% of what I hear, seeing the most beautiful sites and being as free as I can possibly be. I am proud of myself for every minute spent here. I was confident and strong, pushing myself to experience new things and managing my divorce and all the emotions that go with it. I have gained perspective about my relationship with Drew, and I've been teaching myself how to move on. On this road trip especially, I have been on a high. Similar to hiking in Cinque Terre -- the feeling of doing something spectacular, just me, empowered to go this direction or that, with beauty all around me (even in rain, fog and snow!) and proving that I can be happy. Just me, alone. Content and appreciative and able to create the experience I want. Yay and Fun. Mmmmwah!


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